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The State of Mobile Learning - India 2015


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The world of work is changing.
Organizations in India can harness the potential of learning through mobile platforms to reap tangible benefits that drive efficiency and improve business results.

This infographic showcases key insights from Skillsoft's 'The State of Mobile Learning in India' report. Download the complimentary report here:

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The State of Mobile Learning - India 2015

  1. 1. LEARNING STRATEGY Why Adopt Mobile Learning 71% Enhance accessibility of learning resources 70% Create a continuous learning environment and atmosphere Gaps Mobile Learning Can Fill 55% Difficulty integrating learning into workflow 60% Limited accessibility to learning MOBILE LEARNING ADOPTION & USAGE 60% Participated as a Learner in mobile learning 27% Organizations have adopted mobile learning IMPLEMENTATION AND USAGE CHALLENGES Learners Usage Challenges Found the lack of continuity between web and mobile applications difficult to use 43% Experienced network/ accessibility issues 57% Had to use personal time to complete learning 50% Implementation Challenges Decision Makers Had difficulty securing the necessary IT and infrastructure resources 50% Had challenges allocating the necessary financial resources 40% Had trouble prioritizing time for learning or training during the work day 39% MOBILE LEARNING BENEFITS Does mobile learning increase your level of engagement with the learning program offered by your organization? Mobile learning increases learning engagement 80% Total Respondents Yes Organizational Benefits Decision Makers Improves business results 76% Enhances business efficiency 82% Learners Employee Benefits Improves working efficiency 93% Provides greater competitive advantage 83% Video tutorials 71% 64% Content with compulsory questions Interactive content with active participation 64% Desired Learning Formats ADOPTION CHALLENGES & CONCERNS Respondents indicate mobile learning adoption is hampered by: 24% Decision Makers seek professional advice from their learning provider or consultant to help solve these challenges. Adopters had “no concerns” on implementation, suggesting there is a perception gap. Information security issues 52% Additional operating costs 48% Infrastructure and network issues 43% Desired Length Under half hour Between half hour to 1 hour 34% 35% Download the full report here: For more information on Skillsoft solutions, please visit: RECOMMENDATIONS Encourage engagement by optimizing interactive and visual content Provide tracking and reporting capabilities to show usage, effectiveness and ROI Get Learners involved in your mobile learning strategy Create a continuous learning environment and culture Ensure usability and flexibility of devices and delivery solutions 3 KEY TAKE-AWAYS Mobile learning drives efficiency and improves business results Decision Makers and Learners in Asia Pacific organizations find mobile learning provides meaningful and lasting performance changes, resulting in an increase in productivity and greater organizational agility. Learning must be accessible, engaging and easy-to-use Learners want to access learning whenever they need; in formats that are visually engaging with shorter timeframes and on platforms that are easy-to-use Adoption is hampered by security and infrastructure concerns Organizations must identify and collaborate between departments to address potential IT security and cost concerns to enable a suitable environment to support Learners and for learning to thrive anytime and anywhere. The State of Mobile Learning India 2015 The world of work is changing. Employees today have a proliferation of devices at their fingertips and are consuming content at an increasing rate. Cloud-based learning is evolving to match the expectations of the mobile employee where learning opportunities often occur throughout the day. Organizations must start to adapt their learning and development programs onto these platforms to reap tangible benefits that help drive efficiency and improve the bottom line. The research results below show how mobile learning is affecting organizational learning within India, and what these changes mean for organizations and their Learners. MOBILE LEARNING CONTENT Leadership development 30% Compliance33% Content Currently Offered Total Respondents Organization’s products and solutions 44% Learners Content Desired Leadership development 59% On-the-job support55% 55% Skills training towards industry-recognized certification