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Valuations took a hit in Q1 but are coming back.
Source: Bessemer
We are seeing a“new normal”in valuations.
Source: Morgan Stanley, Capital IQ, Thomson
Avg. Aggregate Value /
Next 12 Month...
Recent Enterprise IPOs: 1 Year Performance
Source: Google Finance
2015 VC investments reached dotcom levels
Source: Greylock, PwC/NVCA Data: Thomson Reuters
U.S. Early Stage VC: Q4 2015 - Q1 2016
in # Deals
in Round
Source: Pitchbook
U.S. Late Stage VC: Q1 2016
in # Deals y/y
Deal Sizes y/y
Source: Pitchbook
Expect M&A to return to historic levels.
Source: Morgan Stanley, Capital IQ, Dealogic
Market Summary
Public Markets
Valuations are down. We’re stabilizing at a new normal.
Deal volume is decreasing, but st...
Startup Climate for 2016
Focus on cash
Build for the
long haul
Pick a wave bigger
than you
Areas of Interest
“Caught between OSS and a Cloud Place”
How do you get out between
OSS and a Cloud Place?
Amazon is the biggest threat to
infrastructure companies.
Azure and Google will make progress in
2016 with ...
“Separating signal from the noise”
Thousands of companies all sound the same.
(And many are the same.)
Customers don’t want to buy snake oil. Your j...
“Not your father’s Oldsmobile”
Evolution of Apps
Cloud/SaaS Cloud/MobileClient/Server What’s Next?
The basic building blocks of apps are changing.
Bots and
conversational UIs
IoT extends reach
of apps everywhere
Big Data/...
Cloud-enabled car
recognizes when
you’re in an accident.
Sends data to your
insurance company
and sends quote to
your phon...
“Machine intelligence and other oxymorons”
Iron Man Terminator
Data and IoT
Vision, speech, and text are real and ready
for apps today.
Find the data. Accumulate more data and
INFRASTRUCTURE “Caught between OSS and
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INFRASTRUCTURE “Caught between OSS and The State of Enterprise Software


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“Caught between OSS and a Cloud Place”

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