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Address --------------- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Cell --------------- 00966-576284762
E-mail --------------- wasif.riaz638@yah...
3. Habib Metropolitan Bank (Pvt) Limited (Pakistan) Financial Teller 1 Year
4. Mobilink Telecommunication Contact Center M...
As Fleet Manager, Responsibilities are:
Tracking and diagnostics of vehicles
Driver management
Fleet security
Fleet replac...
MobilinkTelecommunications (Pvt) Limited (Islamabad Pakistan)
Contact CenterManager (1 Year) October 2013 - September 2014...
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Wasif Riaz Cv (1)


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Wasif Riaz Cv (1)

  1. 1. Address --------------- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Cell --------------- 00966-576284762 E-mail --------------- [email protected] Residence permits ----- Nationality ----------------- Pakistan, Religion --------------- Islam, Gender ------------------ Male & Married, Date of birth -------- 3rd Aug, 1990 Willing to Relocate in Middle East Particularly in Saudi Arabia Executive Summary 1. I am Currently working as Business Analyst in Muqawal Nihaie under Leejam Sports Company Riyadh Saudi Arabia Leejam Group is leading private sector group in Saudi Arabia with business interests in Fitness Time Like:  Fitness Time Fitness Time (Pro) Fitness Time (Plus)  Fitness Time (Junior) Fitness Time (Basic) 2. My other Major Experience is as : Purchasing Officer +Administration officer in Muqawal Nihaie with LeejamSports Company Riyadh Saudi Arabia Muqawal Nihaie for General Contracting is engaged in following business:  Turn-Key Projects Fitness Times  Turn-Key Projects Pharmacies  Maintenance Mentioned Projects 3. I am objectiveoriented,intrinsic,Professionalwith MS.C (Economics)Qualification fromIslamabad Pakistan B.Com (Honors) in AppliedAccounting& Finance from IUB Bahawalpur/ Pakistan Language Skills English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi 4. Valuable 7.5 Years’ experience. 5 years industrial experience in Management and Accounts in manufacturing, construction, Contracting & Trading. 2.5 Years’ Experience is Marketing & Sales from reputed firms & Organizations. With Core Competences & Expertise in:  Comprehensive financial analysis, performance evaluation  Financial Planning & Strategic Business development Analysis.  Forecasting Cash Flows, Projections  Monthly Closing, -----, Credit Management - Correspondence with Clients. ----- CRM  Internal Controls Review, ---- compliance with Policies & Procedures.  Team Leadership and Staff Development. COMPUTER SKILLS Experienced in FOCUS (ERP system), Open ERP oracle based, Quick book etc. Practical knowledge of accounting as well as costumed based financial accounting software MS-Office (Advance excel, Word, Power point) & Internet Browsing, Faxing & Emailing Professional ExperienceSummary 7.5 Years Muqawal Nihaie with Leejam Sports Company (Riyadh Saudi Arabia) Business Analyst &Purchasing Officer Dec 2015 - Continue 1. Tamam FacilityManagement Company (Riyadh Saudi Arabia) Store, Fleet & Accommodation Manager. 0.7 Year 2. State Life Insurance (Pakistan) Senior Sales Office 3.5 Years
  2. 3. Habib Metropolitan Bank (Pvt) Limited (Pakistan) Financial Teller 1 Year 4. Mobilink Telecommunication Contact Center Manager 1 Year 5. PEL Electronics (Pvt) Limited Marketing Manager 0 .6 Year 6. Honda Bikes Groups (Pvt) Limited Sales Manager 1 year Professional Experience (Details) 7.5 Years 1) Muqawal Nihaie For General Contracting Riyadh Saudi Arabia Business Analyst with LeejamSports (Oneyear project) Dec 2015 -Continue General wordprocessing.Filing,copyingandfaxing.Collationanddistributionof minutes,reportsandother documents. Dealingwithincomingandoutgoingmail andgeneral emails.Orderingof equipment,materialsandoffice supplies. Minute takingforBoard, teammeetingsandothermeetingsasrequired. Undertake andassistinthe recordingandprocessingof invoices,receiptsandpaymentsasrequiredand instructed. Administerthe pettycashsystemandensure appropriate recordkeeping.Prepare contractsforsuppliersas advised. Assistinmattersrelatingtomarketingandpublicityforthe Company. Arrange hospitality,purchase suppliestoensure the smoothrunningof the organization onadayto day and as requiredbasis. o Maintainthe central filingsystem, general database andarchive. o Provide administrative supportformattersrelatingtothe premisesandoperationsincludingsecurity, alarms,opening,insurance andtransport. Maintainclose linksandinformthe Chief Executive of all issues likelytoaffectthe operationof JunctionArts. Undertake suchotherdutiesandresponsibilitiesof anequivalentnature asfromtime totime maybe required,in consultationwiththe Chief Executive. Work and attendeveningandweekendeventsandmeetingsasrelatedtothe dutiesof the postas agreedwiththe Chief Executive 2) Tamam Facility Management Company Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Store Manager July2015 – Dec2015 Started as sales coordinator in July 2015 with Tamam Company, Later on after 2 months promoted to Store Controller in September 2015. TAMAM isthe leadingcompanythatishighlyspecializedin BuildingMaintenance andCleaningServices As Store Controller, Responsibilities are: To exercise general control over all activities in Stores Department. (To ensure safe keeping both as to quality and quantity of materials) To initiate purchase requisitions for the replacement of stock of all regular stores items whenever the stock level of any it emof store approaches the minimum limit fixed in respect thereof. To initiate action for stoppage of further purchasing when the stock level approaches the maximum limit. To check and receive purchased materials forwarded by the receiving department and to arrange for the storage in appropriate places. To reserve a particular material for a specific job when so required. To issue materials only in required quantities against authorized requisition notes/material lists. Direct report to Company CEO
  3. As Fleet Manager, Responsibilities are: Tracking and diagnostics of vehicles Driver management Fleet security Fleet replacement and maintenance Time sheets and records. Breakage Oiling. Directreportto CompanyCEO. As Accommodation Supervisor, Responsibilities are: Must check the log books at the security desk to make sure that all information is filled out appropriately. Also makes sure that all locations are cleaned and sanitized regularly. Various other aspects of the apartment complexes must also be checked out such as the swimming pools, fire extinguishers and the fire alarm system. Regular inventory must be taken of all apartment supplies. Wheneverthere are complaints filed about delayed repairs, I must check with the engineers responsible for the repairsinorderto determine whatthe hold-upis.If the buildingengineerorappliance engineercannotresolve the issue, then the issue must be reported to the head office, according to Group Support Services. Also performs all administrative work that is needed. Direct report to Company CEO. 3) State Life Insurance Corporation Of Pakistan Pakistan Senior Sales Coordinator (3.5Years) November 2009 - April 2013 As SeniorSales Coordinator, Responsibilitiesare: Convince the customers and sale them policy. By insuringcustomersall of the recordkeepconfidentialandkeepthe customers up to date about their insurance policies. By serving and sale of the policy, believes that we are saving their lives, in the future, for unexpected thoughts/happenings in the life. 4) Habib Metropolitan Bank Pakistan Financial Teller & Banca Officer (1 Year) April 2013 – May 2014 Banca Means: Insurance through Bank Channel. As Financial Teller& Banca Officer,Responsibilitiesare: By convincingpeoplevisitinbranch,bytellingaboutpoliciesfill outtheirinsuranceforms. Aftersubmittingformsarelationbuildupandtry to buildnew relationsonbehalf of first.Keepthe all my customersupto date according to theirinsurance policies.
  4. MobilinkTelecommunications (Pvt) Limited (Islamabad Pakistan) Contact CenterManager (1 Year) October 2013 - September 2014 As Contact Center Manager,Responsibilitiesare: Determinesrequirementsbyworkingwithcustomers. Answersinquiriesbyclarifyingdesired information;researching,locating,andprovidinginformation. Resolvesproblemsbyclarifyingissues;researchingandexploringanswersandalternative solutions;implementing solutions;escalatingunresolvedproblems. Fulfillsrequestsbyclarifyingdesiredinformation;completingtransactions;forwardingrequests. Sellsadditional servicesbyrecognizingopportunitiestoup-sellaccounts;explainingnew features. Maintainscall centerdatabase byenteringinformation. To check and confirm the customer problems and try to solve the customer query. To provide networkinginmarketbasedlike inbanks,organizations,schoolsetc.backupnetworkgivenbyourteam. To provide every possible help to customer and keep in mind that customer is always right. CustomerFocus,CustomerService,DataEntrySkills,Listening,PhoneSkills,Verbal Communication,Building Relationships,People Skills,Interpersonal Savvy,ProblemSolving,Multi-tasking.  MS.C (Economics) FUUASTUniversityIslamabad (PAK)  B.Com (Honors) In Applied Accounting & Finance IUB UniversityUnited Bahawalpur (PAK) Graduation Islamia University Bahawalpur ( Pakistan ) Intermediate Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education BWP (Pakistan) Matriculation Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education BWP (Pakistan) IELTS International English Language Course (United kingdom) Project management(definingproject, its objectives,constraints applied to it, Projectappraisal,projectrisk Management, Monitoringand controllingproject,Postprojectreview Marketing (customer's segmentation, Identification of segment needs, Electingsegments for targeting, Creating Traditional marketingmix (4 P, s), E -Marketing and E –Branding.

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