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Artificial Intelligence
Harry Surden
Assoc. Professor of Law – University of Colorado Law
Affiliated Facul...
Artificial Intelligence Overview
1. What is Artificial Intelligence ?
2. Major Artificial Intelligence Techniques
• Rules ...
What is
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
• Using computers to solve problems
• Or make automat...
Limits of Artificial Intelligence
• “Strong” Artificial Intelligence
• Computers thinking at a level that meets or surpass...
Major AI Approaches
Two Major AI Techniques
• Logic and Rules-Based Approach
• Machine Learning (Pattern-Based Approach)
Logic and Rules-
Based AI
Logic and Rules-Based Approach
• Logic and Rules-Based Approach
• Representing processes or systems using logical rules
• ...
Machine Learning (Pattern based)
• Machine Learning (ML)
• Algorithms find patterns in data and infer rules on their own
Machine Learning Uses
Self-Driving Vehicles Automated
Machine Learning Main Points
Pattern Detection
Spam or Wanted Email?
System detects patterns in Email
About likely markers of spam
Detected Pattern
Emails with “Earn Cas...
Identification Improves
Algorithm improves in performance
In auto-identifying spam
As it is able to examine more data
And ...
For some (not all) complex tasks
Requiring intelligence
Intelligent Results Without
Can get “intelligent” aut...
People use advanced cognitive skills to
Proxies for Intelligent Results
Without Intelligence
Google finds statis...
Proxy Principle for Automation
That can serve as
For some underlying
Cognitive Task
Machine Learning Main Points
Pattern Detection
Summary Major AI Approaches
Two Major AI Techniques
• Logic and Rules-Based Approach
• Machine Learning (Pattern-Based App...
Hybrid Systems
• Many successful AI systems are hybrids of
• Machine learning & Rules-Based Hybrids
• e.g. Self-driving ca...
Technology Enhancing
(Not Replacing) Humans
Humans Alone
Computers Alone
Examples of AI in Law Today
• Machine Learning
• AI in Litigation - E-Discovery and ”Predictive Coding”
• Natural Language...
Limits on Artificial Intelligence
• Artificial Intelligence Accomplishments
• Automate many things that couldn’t do before...
Harry Surden
Associate Professor of Law
University of Colorado Law School
Affiliated Faculty, Stanford CodeX Cen...
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Logic and Rules-
Based AI

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